18th International Congress of the IAAP, Agosto 2010, Montreal, Canada

h4. XVIII Congresso Internationale dell’ IAAP (Associazione Internazionale di Psicologia Analitica)
“Fronteggiare il Molteplice – Psiche Natura Cultura”
22- 27 Agosto – 2010 Montreal, Canada

18th International Congress of the IAAP

“Facing Multiplicity – Psyche Nature Culture”
R. Miondo, J.Hillman e L.Turinese a Montreal - 24.08.2010 Guarda le altre immagini del Convegno e leggi l’intervento di Luigi Turinese

Luigi Turinese parteciperà, insieme a colleghi provenienti da altre parti del mondo, a una tavola rotonda sulla Psicologia Archetipica condotta da James Hillman che si terrà il

24 Agosto 2010 dalle ore 13.00 alle 16.30

sul tema:

Cosmo/Cultura/Clinica: gli Sviluppi e le Idee della Psicologia Archetipica. Una lunga e piacevole conversazione

James Hillman (IRSJA); Gustavo Barcellos (AJB), Ann Casement (BAP, JPA), Kazuhiko Higuchi (AJAJ), Stan Marlan (PSJA, IRSJA), Sherry Salman (JPA), David Tacey (La Trobe University, Australia),
Luigi Turinese (AIPA):

Cosmos/Culture/Clinic: the Moves and Ideas of Archetypal Psychology. A long and pleasant conversation (Panel)

18th International Congress of the IAAP

Facing Multiplicity—Psyche Nature Culture

This is a truly global event, which occurs only once every three years, bringing together Jungian practitioners and theoreticians from the four corners of the world.
The Congress is a precious opportunity for the IAAP community to come together, to meet, present, and exchange our clinical and theoretical perspectives and reflections, with colleagues from distant regions and different orientations. At the same time, it allows us to step outside of our usual professional ways of working and thinking, our identities and perspectives, and enables us, thereby, to think within a global setting about what it means to be a Jungian practitioner at this particular moment in history, as we move forward into the second decade of the 21st century.

Guarda le altre immagini del Convegno e leggi l’intervento di Luigi Turinese